M.Sc Chemistry Program

About The Program

The M.Sc. Program is structured to help the students to enhance their intellectual and laboratory skills. The Program emphasizes on the development of the Industrial applications and encourages the Students in their Research.

    • An Applicant should have passed B.Sc. (Medical/Non-Medical) with a minimum of 50% marks in the aggregate or an equivalent CGPA.
    • Two years (Four semesters)
    • The M.Sc. Program is completed in four Semesters spanning over two years. The Students are also required to undertake a dissertation or a Project in the second year. For the Graduates who wish to specialize in a specific area of Science, the University offers Masters of Science Programs in the following four subjects with specializations in the respective fields:

    M.Sc in Chemistry
    with specialization in Organic / Inorganic or Physical Chemistry

    M.Sc Chemistry Program Structure
    Year-I Semester-I Semester-II
    • Inorganic Chemistry & Group Theory
    • Organic Reaction Mechanism and Stereochemistry
    • Molecular Spectroscopy
    • Mathematics for Chemists and Applications of Computer in Chemistry
    • Inorganic Chemistry Practical –I
    • Organic Chemistry Practical –I
    • Physical Chemistry Practical –I
    • Computer Lab Practical-I
    • Metal Ligand Bonding & Magneto chemistry
    • Organic Reactions & Reagents
    • Thermodynamics
    • Chemistry of Life & Environmental Chemistry
    • Inorganic Chemistry Practical –II
    • Organic Chemistry Practical –II
    • Physical Chemistry Practical –II




    • Analytical & Nuclear Chemistry
    • Organic Spectroscopy
    • Statistical Thermodynamics and Basic Quantum Chemistry
    • Specialization (Opt. anyone) •Inorganic Chemistry Special Theory
      • Organic Chemistry Special Theory • Physical Chemistry Special Theory • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Special.
    • Chemistry Lab (Opt. any one)

    •Inorganic Lab • Organic Lab • Physical Lab

    • Project (Inorganic/Organic/Physical)
    • Project Seminar
    • Organic Chemistry: •Natural Products •Synthetic Strategy
      • Polymer Chemistry •Project & Dissertation
      • Major project presentation
    • Physical Chemistry: • Advanced Quantum Chemistry
      • Solid State Chemistry • Bio Physical Chemistry
      • Project & Dissertation • Major Project Presentation.
    • Inorganic Chemistry: • Advanced Organometallics
      • Inorganic Spectroscopy • Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
      • Project & Dissertation • Major project presentation
    • Pharmaceutical Chemistry: • Medical Chemistry • Drug Discovery
      • Pharmaceutics-II •Project & Dissertation • Major Project presentation.
    The program structure is subject to change (if required)