BSc (Medical) Program

About The Program

The B.Sc. Medical (Honours) is a three-year Undergraduate Degree Program.

It encompasses the study of various disciplines related to human health, resulting in a comprehensive understanding of human biology and associated Research skills, including study design, statistics and laboratory techniques.

    • Pass in Class XII with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), with aggregate 50% and above marks.
    • Three Years (Six Semesters)
    • The B.Sc. (Medical) (Honours) Program spans six Semesters spread over three years. Students are also encouraged to undertake the Project work during the sixth Semester.
    Program Structure
    Year-I Semester-I Semester-II
    • Plant Biodiversity
    • Plant Biodiversity Practical
    • Animal Biodiversity and Techniques in Biology
    • Animal Biodiversity and Techniques in Biology Practical
    • Organic Chemistry-I
    • Communicative English- I
    • Chemistry Lab-I
    • Fundamentals of Computers
    • Plant Ecology and Taxonomy
    • Plant Ecology and Taxonomy Practical
    • Environmental Science (Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course)
    • Comparative Anatomy and Developmental Biology of Vertebrates
    • Comparative Anatomy and Developmental Biology of Vertebrates Practical
    • Physical Chemistry-I
    • Inorganic Chemistry- I
    • Chemistry Lab-II
    Year-II Semester-III Semester-IV
    • Anatomy and Embryology of Angiosperms
    • Anatomy and Embryology of Angiosperms Practical
    • Animal Physiology and Biochemistry
    • Animal Physiology and Biochemistry Practical
    • Inorganic Chemistry- II
    • Organic Chemistry –II
    • Chemistry Lab-III
    • Medical Diagnostics
    • Plant Physiology and Metabolism
    • Plant     Physiology     and     Metabolism Practical
    • Genetics and Evolutionary Biology
    • Genetics    and    Evolutionary     Biology Practical
    • Physical Chemistry- II
    • Discipline  Elective  Courses-I:  Novel Inorganic Materials /Electro Chemistry / Heterocyclic, Organic Synthesis and Pericyclic Reactions
    • Chemistry Lab-IV
    • Ethnobotany (Skill Enhancement Course)
    Year-III Semester-V Semester-VI
    • Cell and Molecular Biology (Discipline Elective Course)
    • Cell and Molecular Biology Practical
    • Aquatic Biology (Discipline Elective Course)
    • Aquatic Biology Practical
    • Inorganic Chemistry- III
    • Physical Chemistry- III
    • Chemistry Lab-V
    • Apiculture      &      Sericulture                       (Skill Enhancement Course)
    • Economic Botany and Biotechnology (Discipline Elective Course)
    • Economic Botany and Biotechnology Practical
    • Reproductive Biology
    • Reproductive Biology Practical
    • Organic Chemistry- III
    • Chemistry Project
    • Discipline Elective Courses-II: Nano Chemistry /Basic Analytical Chemistry/ Medicinal Chemistry
    • Mushroom Culture   Technology   (Skill Enhancement Course)
    The program structure is subject to change (if required)