BBA-LLB (Hons)  Program

About the Program

The BBA-LL.B. (Hons.) Program is a 5-Year campus-based Program offered with a view to impart in-depth knowledge and broad understanding of the subject. The Program focuses on various areas of Management and Law. The Program emphasizes to imbibe the Students with the necessary values required for professing themselves in the competitive corporate world beyond the University.

    • An Applicant should have passed Class XII (or an equivalent Examination) in any discipline with an aggregate of 45% or higher marks. Students awaiting the results of their final Examinations in Class XII are also eligible to apply.
    • For the reserved category Students (SC/ST), the minimum eligibility is 40% and above aggregate marks in Class XII or an equivalent Examination in any discipline. The Students appearing in their final Examination and awaiting results are also eligible to apply. The Candidates should not be more than 21 Years of age in case of the General/Open category and 22 Years in case of the SC/ST category as on the date of admission.
    • 5 years (10 Semesters)
    • The Curriculum is mostly contemporary and innovatively designed and developed in association with academicians and professional experts and as per the guidelines of the Bar Council of India. The Program offers legal internships after every year. The Program consists of 70 Courses covered in ten Semesters spread over five years. 5th Semester onwards the Students will be exposed to various elective Courses. 7th Semester onwards the Students will be exposed to honors’ Courses, in their respective field of specialization. The actual offering of electives will however, depend on an optimal number of Students opting for the same elective, which is decided from time to time.
    • From the 5th semester, students are exposed to various elective courses. From their 7th semester, students are exposed to honors' courses, in their respective fi eld of specialization. The actual offering of electives will however, depend on an optimal number of students opting for the same elective, which is decided from time to time.
    Program Structure
    Year-I Semester-I Semester-II
    • General English
    • Micro Economics
    • Business Statistics
    • Introduction to Computers
    • Constitutional Law I
    • General Principles of Contract
    • Fundamentals Jurisprudence
    • English Communication
    • Macro Economics
    • Principles of Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Constitutional Law II
    • Special Contracts
    • Law of Torts and Consumer Protection
    Legal Internship Program - I (6 weeks)
    Second Year Semester III Semester IV
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Financial Accounting
    • Business Environment
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Indian Penal Code -I
    • Family Law-I
    • Environment Law
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Principles of Marketing
    • Business Ethics & Values
    • Financial Management
    • Indian Penal Code- II
    • Family Law-II
    • Interpretation of Statues
    Legal Internship Program - II (6 weeks)
    Third Year Semester V Semester VI
    • Business Strategy
    • Intellectual Property Law
    • Code of Criminal Procedure - I
    • Public International Law
    • Labour Law-I
    • Cyber Laws
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • (Clinical Course – I)
    • International Business
    • Administrative law
    • Code of Criminal Procedure - II
    • Women and Child Laws
    • Labour Law-II
    • Law of Trust & Equity
    • Professional Ethics (Clinical Course – II)
    Legal Internship Program - III (6 weeks)
    Fourth Year Semester VII Semester VIII
    • Code of Civil Procedure-I
    • Property Law
    • Company Law – I
    •   Drafting, Pleading and Conveyance (Clinical Course–III)
    • Elective – I
    • Honours Paper – I
    • Honours Paper – II
    • Code of Civil Procedure-II
    • Law of Evidence
    • Company Law II
    • Moot Court (Clinical Course – IV)
    • Elective – II
    • Honours Paper – III
    • Honours Paper – IV
    Legal Internship Program - IV (6 weeks)
    Fifth Year Semester IX Semester X
    • Law of Taxation
    • Banking and Insurance Laws
    • Human Rights Law
    • Elective – III
    • Elective – IV
    • Honours Paper – V
    • Honours Paper – VI
    • Mediation
    • Land Laws
    • Law of Medicine and Mental Health
    • Elective – V
    • Elective – VI
    • Honours Paper – VII
    • Honours Paper – VIII
    Legal Internship Program - V (6 weeks)
    List of Elective Courses (Common to BA-LL.B & BBA-LL.B Programs)
    Elective – I (Constitutional Law) Elective - II (Crime & Criminology)
    • Media Law
    • Law, Poverty and Developments
    • Local Self Government
    • Criminology & Penology
    • Prison Administration
    • Probation and Parole
    Elective – III (International Law) Elective - IV (International Trade Law)
    • Citizenship and Emigration Law
    • Private International Law
    • Humanitarian and Refugee Law
    • International Commercial
    • Arbitration International Trade Law
    • Dumping and Countervailing Duty
    Elective - V (Business Law) Elective - VI (Law & Agriculture)
    • Law of Corporate Finance
    • Law of Tenders
    • Legal Regulation of Economic Ent.
    • Law on Agricultural Finance
    • Farmers and Breeders Rights
    • Law on Agriculture Infrastructure

    List of Honors Courses (Common to BA-LLB & BBA-LLB Programs)
    Criminal Law Group Constitutional Law Group
    1. Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration
    2. Penology and Victimology
    3. Corporate and White-Collar Crimes
    4. Women and Criminal Law
    5. International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court
    6. Comparative Criminal Procedure
    7. Offences Against Children and Juvenile Offences
    8. Criminal Psychology
    1. Service Law
    2. Election Law
    3. Affirmative Action & Discriminative Justice
    4. Gender Justice & Feminist Jurisprudence
    5. Law of Local Self Government
    6. Legislative Drafting
    7. Indian Federalism
    8. Comparative Constitutional Law
    Business Law Group International Law Group
    1. Corporate Governance
    2. Corporate and White-Collar
    3. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
    4. Energy Laws
    5. Law of Infrastructure Development
    6. Investment Law
    7. Competition Law
    8. Advanced Contracts- Evolving Jurisprudence in Contracts Law
    1. Law of International Organisations
    2. Law of Armed Conflicts
    3. International Environmental Law
    4. International Labour Organisations and Labour Law
    5. International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court
    6. International Human Rights Law
    7. Maritime Law
    8. Air and Space Law
    Intellectual Property Rights Law Group Cyber and Data Protection Laws Group
    1. Law of Copyright
    2. Law of Patents
    3. Law of Trademarks, Designs and GI
    4. IPR Valuation and Management
    5. IPR Protection and Technology
    6. IPR & Pharma Industry
    7. Biotechnology and Patent Law
    8. Intellectual Property & Bio Ethics
    1. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Law & Regulations
    2. Cyber Crimes
    3. E-Commerce and Law
    4. Data Privacy and Protection Law
    5. BlockChain and Crypto Currency: Legal Analytics
    6. Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics
    7. E-Governance and Judicial Administration
    8. Emerging Technologies Related Concepts and Law
    The program structure is subject to change (if required)